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What is your favorite Santiago Series?
The Musketeers
Star Trek Picard


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Who is your Favorite Hologram?
Emergency Medical Hologram
Emergency Navigation Hologram-Irish Accent
Hospitality Hologram
Emmett-Tactical & Security

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Which Santiago Character Would You Like Most to Go to Mars With?
Darius Tanz of course
René d\'Herblay, alias Aramis from The Musketeers
Sir Lancelot du Lac from Merlin
Joseph Bachman from Big Little Lies
Captain Rios

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Which is your favorite look?
With just a moustache
Clean Shaven
With moustache & beard
With light beard and moustache
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Who should Darius be with?
Someone new

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Who has better chemistry with Santiago?
Jennifer Finnigan -Grace- Salvation
Reese Witherspoon-Madeleine- Big Little Lies
Alexandra Dowling-Queen Anne - The Musketeers
Angel Coulby - Gwen - Merlin
Captain Rios & Dr Juratti
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Were You Happy With the Ending of Salvation Season 1?
No I think Grace should have stayed with Darius
I was happy I want her to be with Harris
I hated the way it ended
I was happy with the way it ended
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Who is your favorite character?
Isaac Mendez
Darius Tanz
Captain Rios