Santiago Cabrera To Star in Second Season of Salvation


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Good news for Salvation fans! CBS has renewed the show for a second season.

The cast was tweeting their excitement at the news. Santiago came out of hiding to tweet to his fellow cast mates.

Salvation will get another summer run of 13 episodes. Let’s hope this season doesn’t leave us hanging like the last one.

Watch Salvation Seeing Red here

I have to admit last season left me feeling cheated. The build up to Darius and Grace and then the big let down. I don’t know about you ladies but if the man I love is staying behind then so am I. Anyone with me?

Let’s hope the new season brings better endings.

Coming Soon
No I think Grace should have stayed with Darius 28 ( 43.08 % )
I was happy I want her to be with Harris 2 ( 3.08 % )
I hated the way it ended 6 ( 9.23 % )
I was happy with the way it ended 29 ( 44.62 % )

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