Santiago Cabrera Says a Hail Marry on This Week’s Salvation

This week’s episode of Salvation was entitled “Hail Marry”. Before we get into discussing the episode in all its glory, I just have to say that any episode that features a shirtless Santiago Cabrera lying in bed can not be a bad episode. I am sure there are a few ladies out there that will agree with me.

Now down to the nitty gritty. This week finds our heroes stymied once again as they learn their trajectory was all wrong and the rail gun would have missed its mark. That makes for bad news as the Ark can not be programmed to follow the same trajectory.

There is some scientific talk about how they have to fill the Ark with EM drives and they need Uncle Nicolas’ meteor again. Of course he has hidden it so Darius goes off to make a deal with the devil. Did anyone else wonder how he had the authority to do any of these things being he had given up the office of President to the Vice-President. Pretty sure those decisions would now have to be made by him. I guess we aren’t supposed to wonder such things.



Uncle Nick tells Darius he will produce the meteor if he will set him free. Once again don’t think he can authorize that deal but he does. Dear uncle also tells Darius he wants the ark to save himself. Darius in all his genius tells him he is the only one who knows the launch codes. He then tells him if he ever bothers Grace again he will kill him.

Meanwhile Harris and Grace are desperately trying to save themselves by buying a bunker. But unfortunately the price is now gold or weapons, neither of which they are able to produce. Harris could probably steal a truckload of weapons from the military. Stealing hasn’t bothered the pair in the past.

Grace immediately turns to her other option she keeps open, Darius. She wants him to get her a bunker. She doesn’t ask him to join her in it mind you, just wants him to get one for her “family”. She has already told him that is her, Harris and Zoe, the only person who matters to her.

She is not happy when man number 2 lets her down by telling her his assets are now worthless and he can’t help her. Well what about the ark bunker she asks. That will be uninhabitable after the launch he tells her.



During this conversation she utters one of the most astounding statements ever made on the show. She says “Darius you know I have always had your back.” Excuse me what? Like when she conspired with Harris to have him declared unfit for office? Or when she and Harris tried to stop the launch of the rail gun which knocked out Resyst’s nuclear threat. Or maybe when she was liplocked with Alonzo rolling around on the couch. Or when she told him Zoe was the most important thing in her life. Or when she resigned when he wouldn’t pardon her daddy. Or when she went behind his back to get Harris to release her daddy. Or when she resigned for the second time because someone threatened Zoe. Or when she told him it was just business between them because he didn’t fall down to worship her when she came out of the bunker. Or maybe when she and Harris began to make Plan C because none of Darius’ plans worked. Do the writers actually watch their own show. If she is at his back it is to put a knife in it.

Speaking of Daddy, Grace is no longer worried about him. Where in the world is daddy? He hasn’t been mentioned since her intended flight to hide. Him and Mom are on their own now. Let them find their own bunker.

Does anyone else wonder how a bunker is going to save anyone. If only the dinosaurs had bunkers. They could still be wandering the Earth. What happens when the food and water runs out or no fuel for generators. Do they send someone for a supermarket run. Seems like a flawed idea at best.



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Back at the Cope compound, Jillian seems to have recovered her brain. She is no longer walking around like one of Charles Manson’s flower girls. Little late. Shepherd points out to her that she is the one that handed over the Rail Gun plans to him. Seems like Resyst missed some of the world’s greatest scientists and evil ones too. They took blueprints of the Rail Gun and developed a flash drive to destroy the whole thing and they did it in a couple of days. Big fail Resyst.

They have made Jillian a bad guy even if she is brainwashed, now they have to try to redeem her in our eyes. Good luck.

Harris declares his ongoing love for Grace and asks her to marry him. If she marries him she and Zoe can join him in the government bunker. She doesn’t tell him she prefers Darius because then that bunker offer would go away. We all saw this coming.

Uncle Nick is free and off to do evil. I don’t know about you but I think a double cross here would have been in order. He produced the meteor, leave his ass locked up. Let him scream “But you promised!”.


Watch this episode of Salvation here


Darius grabs a bottle of wine and goes over to the ever supportive Grace. He tells her he is the only one who can pilot the Ark. Wait. So those 162 people who were going to Mars in Season One was going to blast off into space and then look around and say “Wait who is going to drive this thing?”

She in typical Grace fashion gets mad. She didn’t want to hear it. I don’t see why it makes much difference, she was going to bunker down without a thought for him. He was gone either way.

He tells her he wants to spend his last days with her. Poor guy. They end up in bed together while Harris’s engagement ring is on the bedside table. Thus we get the best scene of the night, shirtless Cabrera.

Uncle calls and tells Darius meet me and I will give you a bunker for Grace. All he has to do is unfreeze his assets. They have already said this stuff is worthless. But our genius agrees and rushes off to meet him. Of course he is now uncle’s prisoner. (I am the only one with the launch codes comes back to haunt him).




Long story short, Uncle and Shepherd are both Q17 members. They want to go to Mars. Two spoiled billionaires want to go to Mars to colonize a planet. Uncertainty, hard work, unknown variables, they embrace it all. I wonder who is going to drive?

They want it so bad they destroyed the rail gun to make it happen. They want to leave their life of wealth, comfort and power to go to Mars. I believe it, sure why not.

They will never get away with it though because now super awake Jillian is on to them. She has warned Liam but sadly her phone died before she could tell him where she is located. Darius’ fate is in her hands. This guy can’t get a break.

For the reader who thinks I don’ t get the big picture, let me assure you I do. The big picture is how do we stretch this thing into another season. Throw in anything that stretches this finite story into an infinite one. This is where viewers get weary of the never ending story. No resolution in sight.

Will Grace marry Harris setting up the soap opera love triangle in case of Season Three? Will Jillian become a super hero and rescue Darius? Will Liam try to save Darius or just say hell with it and spend 52 days in bed with Alycia? Stay tuned.



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