Santiago Cabrera Gets Ready For Salvation

The final episode of Salvation Season 2is entitled “Get Ready”.  I came ready!  I hope everyone else did too.
 I have to give the show its due.  The acting on the show is above most network series.  Santiago Cabrera in particular played Tanz brilliantly.  His mix of genius and madness throughout the series has been a brilliant portrayal.  He outdid himself on this episode.  Is he mad or does he have all the answers?  He kept us guessing as he obsessed about hummingbirds.
This episode didn’t play out in the usual painstaking minute by minute story.  It rushed full speed ahead.  Darius is finally rescued but we aren’t given any of the details of how he was found.  I must say Alonzo made a stunning recovery and is already back on duty.
We next see Darius in the hospital as he begins to wake up.  The nurse then picks up the phone to call we can only presume Grace.  No she hasn’t been sitting by his bedside.  Did anyone think she would be?  After all she is a
She rushes down when called.  Anyway I assume she rushed, she may have stopped off to do a little honeymoon shopping.  She breaks the news to Darius that is has been 44 days and the Ark has blasted off.  Only 3 days left.
He sees the big rock she is sporting.  Oh yes, by the way I married Harris to save myself oh and of course Zoe.  Mom and Dad are on their own.  But don’t worry it is just an arrangement, I wear the ring because well it is so pretty.

Darius learns the government plans to nuke the asteroid.  He insists on going to the White House to tell them they must not do that.  The asteroid is going to miss Earth.  As soon as he figures out X, which he believes has something to do with a Hummingbird, he can prove it to them.  I can’t really blame them for being sceptical.
Darius and Grace rush back to Tanz Industries to ask Liam and Alycia to tap Resyst to stop the nukes.  They agree to try.
Darius takes Grace shopping at the pet store for hummingbird feeders.  Loved the fact that Darius feeds a hamster left in the store, then as afterthought he opens the cage door to set it free. I think this said volumes about his character.
Back at Grace’s house Darius hangs up the bird feeders.  Grace tells him she is going to the bunker later unless he can give her a reason not to go.  He should carry her bags there, instead he kisses her.  This is Grace, buddy, she is going to need more than that, like a guarantee that you can save her and if possible the world.  But mainly her.

Inspiration strikes Darius again and he is off to call Antarctica.  He is babbling about neutrinos and energy as he calls a scientist in Antarctica.  Amazingly, the scientist is still there.  A nice surprise is the scientist is Stanford from Sex and the City!  Who knew.
Darius tell him to sober up and find out if there were unusual energy bursts during the firing of the rail gun.  Stanford agrees to drink some coffee and get on it.  Darius promises to send a plane for him.
Dariusdeclares he must sleep so he lies on the floor.  He sends Grace to visit Jillian in prison to tell her none of it was her fault.  That is debatable. Her actions were still treasonous.  Harris has a melting heart and lets her go.

In the hall as he asks Grace if she will be in the bunker, his dead son Dylan, shows up.  Who didn’t see that one coming?   Turns out he is  the leader of Resyst at the moment.  Harris invites him to join them in the bunker.  He decides to do that instead of hacking the nukes.
Grace goes back to pack her bag to go to the bunker.  Guess leaving Darius lying on cold floor alone to die didn’t bother her too much.  It is finally her daughter who has to tell her what she should do.  Zoe tells her she doesn’t need her but Darius does (this is debatable).
Jillian shows up to mess with Liam’s mind some more and he welcomes her.  Grace shows up to wake Darius because Stanford is calling.  Yes, Darius is right there was an energy burst!  Back to the White House to stop the nukes.

Only a few seconds remain as Darius tries to convince Harris not to launch the nukes.  It is not an asteroid he tells him.  OK.  That is enough for Harris he stops the launch.  What is it?  A hummingbird of course!
Our heroes go outside to watch the sky.  They hold hands as they watch the fireball cover the moon.  “It is here!” Tanz declares.  But what is here?  Any bets?  Aliens?  who knows.
And what about those villains in the Ark.  What a laugh on them.  I wonder who is driving that thing.  Knowing Tanz they may have missed Mars altogether and be floating in space.  Great way to get rid of your villains however.

I have to give props to the writers, they didn’t leave us hanging like last season.  They wrapped up most of the plot points so it could be an ending in itself.  I imagine it will be as I don’t really look for the show to be renewed.  Guess we will see.
Good luck to Santiago Cabrera .  May he be on to bigger  and better things.
How did you feel about the ending?  Let us know in the comments.

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