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Watch the premiere episode of Salvation Season 2 here

Monday, June 25th marked the premiere of the second season of Salvation.  As has become typical of the show, they threw in everything but the kitchen sink.

I have to confess up front, I only watch this show to see Santiago Cabrera.  I would watch him read the phone book.  That being said I have to admit Salvation is not my favorite show.  I much prefer Musketeers.

Season One started off well but as it neared the end it veered off into some really unbelievable territory (digging up the president’s body just to name one).  I realize it is based in science fiction but it is presenting itself as a possible scenario in today’s society.

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As much as I found Season One implausible, Season Two seems set to surpass it.  I find it amusing that Darius Tanz is supposed to be a great genius yet everything he does is very messed up.  I would dare to say he is a f**k up.

Tanz initiates this massive and meticulous hunt for the people who will go to Mars.  When the time comes for these people to take shelter in the bunker there is no organization, no making sure outsiders can’t get in (vendors, Tanz people and apparently anyone wandering nearby made it into the shelter).  No security, no checkpoints.  Seems like a pretty big f**k up to me.  Anyone want to take bets that Resist infiltrated the shelter.   By the way did anyone see Tess and her kids in the shelter?  Darius promised there was a place for them.  Guess he forgot.

Tanz also surrendered his super computer Tess pretty easily, making the whole Resist scenario possible.  So he is complicit in the terrorism.

Then there is Grace.  The whole show seems to revolve around Grace.  Cabrera is supposedly the star but Finnigan gets much more screen time.  The world is falling apart but Grace is upset Tanz isn’t giving her enough attention.  Narcissistic much?  I also find her penchant for taking charge extremely irritating.  She is a speech writer for pete’s sake.

The president appoints Tanz Vice President.  That is right based on a viral video of Tanz urging a crowd not to shoot each other because their phone is a better computer than Nasa’s that put a man on the moon.  Huh? That is right, don’t worry about the asteroid it will be solved by the Iphone.

I don’t know about everyone else but I might prefer Resist’s efforts to that of the government.  Their incompetent bumbling at every turn, power grabs, political games and in general ineffectiveness doesn’t bode well for the future of the world.  Resist has managed to take over the world’s nuclear missiles and made it impossible for the tech geniuses to override what they have done.  Why do they need 30 scientists from around the world?  Seems like they have already bested them all.  Stopping an asteroid should be no sweat.

Best part of the show, the kiss.  I will watch Santiago make out any time!

I guess we will see what episode two has in store.  I am afraid to know what direction we will be blasting into next Monday.  Tune in to see!

Tell us what you thought of the first episode in the comments.

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