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Hope everyone caught the latest episode of “Salvation”  or as I like to call it The Grace Barrows Show.  It is a little heavy on Grace in my opinion.  Cabrerais touted as the star but the whole show seems to hinge on Grace.

The show relies on a certain soap opera formula.  You know the old how much crap can we dump on one character.

I had a lot of issues with this episode.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s start with Grace.  I know there are a lot of Gracius fans out there, I just am not sure why.  I prefer Darius be with someone else, anyone else.  Grace is fickle is a nice way to put it, a self centered slut would be a more accurate way to put it.

She was in love with Harris.  But wait maybe she is in love with Darius.  Oh wait maybe Alonzo is the one.  Please.  All of them should run.  Grace is not exactly a stand by your man sort of girl.  She supposedly loves Darius, yet she didn’t insist on staying with him during the nuclear scare, she fled to the bunker.  I don’t know about most girls but if I am in that situation I am staying with the person I love.

When Grace emerges from the bunker she is upset because Darius isn’t fawning over her.  He has the stress of the world but he should take time out to adore Grace.  He tries to explain but she gives him the cold shoulder.  She then goes on to take up with the brother of the woman she shot.  She hasn’t slept with the man she purports to love but she is all there to fall into bed with Alonzo.

To top off her charm she doesn’t trust Darius and leaves him when he is relying on her the most.  The writers like to tout her as a “strong” woman.  Well if strong means self centered biatch I guess so.  Oh and remember Grace’s daughter?  Neither does she.

She didn’t seem to have any post traumatic stress over killing the guy who tried to assassinate her so why the angst over shooting Rayburn?  I have never figured out why they tried to cover up a self defense shooting in the first place.  Makes no sense.
Grace is all too eager to throw in with Harris to plot behind Darius’s back to have him declared unfit for the job.  Harris has never liked Darius and he can’t stand the fact Tanz is President.  Grace knows this but she is on board.

Then there is Jillian.  Not too bright little Jillian.  She should pick a side.  She can’t be loyal to Liam or Darius .  She betrays Darius by visiting Liam and then carrying out his wishes to visit Resyst.  Then she actually believes the lies she is told and carries them back to Darius.  When he is upset she gets on her high horse and resigns.  She was totally in the wrong.

Let’s talk about Liam.  Liam is just plain dumb.  Lead around by a woman, he is totally naive about Resyst’s motives.  Does anyone think if they find a solution to the meteor, they will offer it up with no strings attached.  We all know that will happen.
Liam is a traitor.  He didn’t have to tell Resyst about Darius’s plan to disarm their nukes.  By telling them he is responsible for their nuclear threats, not Darius.

So in the end, Darius was abandoned by everyone he cared for and trusted.  I don’t blame him for doing a runner.  If I was him I would go to Lazlo’s cabin and hide out.  Let Grace  figure out what to do, after all she is the kick ass woman of the show, right?  Maybe she can become president and sleep with the whole staff!

What did you think of this episode?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Re: Grace, I totally agree with you regarding Grace’s inability to choose a guy(and Liam’s and Harris’ bad taste in multiple women for that matter). I even had the same complaint about her petty selfishness that Darius wasn’t fawning over her(even used those words to describe it, so clearly we’re both on the right track:)) right after being made Vice President and being expected to come up with a way to save the world from the Asteroid at the same time while doing both jobs. If he didn’t care, he’d have just sent some secret service men down to the bunker when he released the doors so everyone could get out. But he went to her first.

    She’s ready to hop into the arms of any guy who she’s had a couple conversations with, while Darius has really only been about her, I dare say he even turned down the possibility of being the former love of his life because of his feelings for her. He’s been too good for her to be honest but let’s hope if they really are going to have Gracius be end-game that they have Grace seriously redeem herself.

    Because she absolutely abandoned him in what could really have been his time of need(a guy who never wanted to be in politics becomes POTUS and he seems to be losing it a little from the stress and rather than really trying to talk to him, person to person, friend to friend(considering she claimed she loved him not that long ago) – it’s immediately “OK off with his head!”. (I’m still thinking Darius has something up his sleeve and that maybe some of that was an act-but even if not, he wasn’t wrong, he may have been a little rude considering how sensitive their feelings apparently are(though they have no trouble calling him insane etc etc) about it but he wasn’t wrong)

    In fact it’s bizarre how easily everyone he’s helped/sacrificed for/worked with in dangerous situations over the last couple months just throws him over at the first opportunity. He’s shown more loyalty than any of them to be honest.

    Alycia whispers in Liam’s ear serpent-like and Liam is immediately ready to believe the worst about Darius so the minute Darius gets snarky with him, he’s all “I’m joining a terrorist organization because my feelings got hut!!!”. Grace gets gets all snippy and acts like HE is the one with the problem when he doesn’t fawn all over her constantly and he tries to explain how stressed he is and she doesn’t care. Jillian gets all high and mighty when he appears to disappoint her, even though she knew he was stressed enough as Vice President never mind that he’s President, and goes and joins a cult.

    Darius isn’t perfect, he can be abrasive and often just plows ahead without the niceties of assuaging other people’s egos, but I don’t actually think it’s that bad to say question the judgment of a guy who was initially forced to work with a terrorist organization and comes out already showing signs of definite sympathy. We’ve seen time and again that Darius is very good at reading people and he immediately recognized it. Or to be upset when you find out two people who are absolute lynchpins of the administration and who you’ve been coming to see as people you can really depend on, have been keeping a secret death and cover up from you(and screwed up the cover up pretty badly). It’s not like Darius continued to hold a grudge over it, he even held Grace’s hand to comfort her at the rally afterwards, he had clearly just been taken off guard and naturally was initially upset about it. No Vice President or President would NOT be upset in that situation and they’d probably have been a lot angrier for longer than Darius was. And honestly with a cover up in their background Harris probably really shouldn’t be Vice President, even though I’m actually sure he was qualified, I like Harris over all but still you can’t knowingly suggest someone as your replacement Vice President knowing that kind of recent and badly handled cover up is in their background. I thought it was clear there weren’t actually any hard feelings about it by the time they were leaving the rally.

    But back to Gracius – Grace knows about Darius having a genetic disease and that disease, once it starts manifesting, can show itself in the sort of volatile behavior Darius seemed to be presenting. You’d think Grace would have been concerned about that, worried about him. Tried to sit down with him in private, with gentleness and concern to discuss it. But no, she just gets pissed off that she gave him advice(once and not very well), he refused to listen her(again possible disease manifestation) and is immediately on the board “Hey let’s get rid throw Darius out” train – not because she’s worried about his mental state, which if it was a symptom of the disease would something that was not his fault and that he couldn’t help, but mainly because he didn’t listen to her, the ONE time we see her advise him(and it was before she’d even taken the job as Presidential Advisor so…and he’s only been in office for like a week so it’s not like he’s disregarded a lot of her advice already). And unlike Darius who yes got upset finding out the cover up but got over that initial anger quickly and was still capable of showing Grace empathy and kindness, she’s ready to toss him aside.

    • Thank you for your amusing post. I can’t disagree with anything you said. Check back next week for a new review and some highlights on Harris’s many failures.

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