New Cast Members to Join Santiago Cabrera on Salvation

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Keiling will play Alycia Stavros, a disgruntled Tanz employee. She will apparently be a new love interest for Liam. The writers obviously feel all the time they spent creating relationships in season one was a waste of time and they need to start over.

I for one hope to see Darius and Tess reignite their love. Grace is obviously incapable of choosing a man and sticking with him. Darius and Tess had a lot of chemistry together. I am rooting for that relationship to develop.

Personally I think Grace gets the lion share of the show. Cabrera is touted as the star but his screen time doesn't equate with that title. So here is hoping for more Cabrera and less Finnigan this season.

Tell me what you think about the new cast additions in the comments.


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  1. Grace should get out of the bunker and head back to Darus. I don’t Believe the scoop on the new love interest.

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