Santiago Cabrera Plays Five Characters At Once


We are getting down to the end of Season One of Star Trek Picard with this week’s episode “Broken Pieces”.   Hope you are enjoying it.
Broken Pieces sees Raffihaving a conversation with all five of Rios’ holograms.  This scene gives Cabrera a chance to have a little fun playing each of the five characters.  Each has their own unique characteristics and accents.  It was amusing if a little silly.
Soji finally makes it aboard the LaSirena with Picard which prompts Rios to go into a trance while whispering Gianna.  He then announces he will take Picard to Deep Space Twelve but then he is on his own.  Rios then retreats to his cabin where he drinks and wallows in angst.
The rest of the show is Raffi trying to figure out what is wrong with Rios, Agnes confessing and the crew discussing their theories and how they should proceed.
We also see poor Elnor still on the Borg cube.  Just when all seems lost Seven of Nine shows up to save him.  She goes total Borg to try to stop our Romulan villain woman but to no avail.  Even though several Borg hold our villain down she just vanishes.  What a trick.
I love Santiago Cabrera and I will watch him in anything he does.  However watching Picard is a challenge.  It is filled with the current Hollywood PC Social Justice nonsense that pervades everything coming out of Hollywood these days.  Every villain is a woman.  The Starfleet Commander is a woman.  The Head of Security is a Woman.  The men have to be rescued by, you got it, a woman.  Get the message here?
It is the age where men have to be emasculated and women can not display any femininity.  Rios has only left his ship once.  He spends his time being sensitive to the women and giving them a shoulder to cry on.  Elnor can fight, but he is no match for the women, even having to be rescued by one.  Picard is frail, riddled with guilt and regret and mostly ineffective.
Gone are the days where we get an adventure, just a good old story to carry us away from our everyday lives.  Now we have to be enlightened, shown the error of our ways no matter the cost.
They have the perfect leading man hero type in Cabrera but they can’t have him being a toxic male so he becomes just another guilt ridden character in a ship full of guilt ridden characters.  Give him a weapon, give him a sword, give him a damsel in distress, give him something for god’s sake.
But no in this brave new world women reign supreme, men are mostly useless and romance is nowhere to be found.  Oh take me back to the days of The Musketeers.  Swashbucklers, soldiers, kings, queens and romance all around.  If you haven’t watched it give it a try.
My suggestion is to spin off Rios and Raffi.  Have them tooling around in space having great adventures.  Their missions a little on the shady side of the law.  Action adventure, romance, it has never failed and we would all be a lot more entertained.  Leave the guilt and angst with Picard.  To infinity and beyond!
Let me know what you think.  Are you enjoying Picard?


  1. Enjoy your writing and you are right on.

  2. I’m watching Picard only for another Santiago series. Rios desperately needs a gorgeous leading lady, to put some snap and dazzle onboard. Not being a Star Trek archaeologist/anthropologist, there’s much I’m missing. Mais alors will watch in any case just to watch him grow and continue to entertain. Still looking for an imperfection. Could drown in those eyes.

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